Amazon, Again


The Verge  has aggregated a collection of stories about Simon & Schuster’s agreement to let Amazon publish its ebooks and new paperbacks. The key to all lies in this sentence: “But the deal is perhaps most strategically advantageous for Amazon, which reportedly can discount Simon & Schuster titles at will under certain conditions.” If that’s true I don’t see how S&S can say that the contract “preserves the authors’ share of ebook sales going forward.”

S&S apparently will in general determine the price of ebooks, which is significant, and could bode well for Hachette unless Bezos is so irate that the publisher didn’t kowtow before that agreement expired.

The image is the inspiration for the S&S logo, The Sower, painted in 1850 by Jean-Francois Millet. May S&S continue to sow.

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