Following on my earlier practice, I’m reviewing the past six months of entries with updates, revisions, criticisms, etc.

Carmel Valley to “Leaving Carmel Valley“: Tristen and Julien returned last month from their honeymoon in Africa. He’s frantically busy, and she’s recovering from surgery to repair the dislocated shoulder she had re-attached herself when we first met last fall. I was disappointed not to spend time this fall with my friend Lucey, but we’re both wound up with too much to do. The time will be right soon, I predict.

Airline woes: We were delayed leaving Las Vegas on our return flight. I was delayed leaving Denver in July because “the pilot was late.” My seatmate said this was the third time on the same flight. Ash and Kathryn were delayed on their layover for the same reason. What’s with pilots that can’t get to the airport and/or airlines too cheap to hire adequate staff?

Meeting the Ancestors” had a payoff this fall when I spoke to my cousin Charlie James. It turns out that Sister Nandi, who brought my ancestors to me at the Artists for World Peace gathering, has known him for a long time and that I had met her at cousin Gert’s house way back when.

The Twain Twichell Walk (“Dream of a Walk” and “End of a Perfect Walk”) is paying dividends with programs at the Mark Twain House and Museum. Stay tuned for more “Redux” and for more about the presentation.

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