Redux, Redux, Part III

afwp1 copyPicking up from my review of the last six months:

  • Legendary Locals (“My Brag”) has caused a stir.
  • The assault on journalists (“Frozen, Not Chilled“) continues and expands. The latest outrage is perpetrated by American law enforcement. See “CPJ condemns FBI agent posing as AP journalist in criminal investigation.”
  • Louie Zamperini remains a central focus of my life. I talk about Unbroken and Louie’s life on radio, to various organizations. The veterans’ writing group  is eagerly anticipating the arrival of the movie next month.
  • I am still basking in the glow of being a part of Marcia and Susan’s magical wedding. (“Denver Day 1” and subsequent entries.)
  • And a backtrack, which gives me another chance to promote my friend Wendy Black Nasta’s fabulous work. I went to her semi-annual jewelry sale tonight and met the woman who had asked permission to use words from “Meeting the Ancestors.” And I met one of the eye doctors who went on the trip last summer. She did exams on EIGHT HUNDRED people and was so modest about her role. I came home inspired to spend way more time doing Reiki at the hospital. So thrilled for the success of the venture — and for the beauty of her jewelry.

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