What Day Is It?


Confusion has reigned since last Wednesday. I went to do a presentation at the church next door to the library where I conduct the veterans’ writing workshop on Thursday. So all day Thursday, I thought it was Friday. Then Thursday night, I went to coaches’ association awards banquet honoring Deb. So Friday felt like … the weekend.

I did the usual on Friday, working through the afternoon, so it felt more or less normal, except I kept feeling it should be Saturday.  The real Saturday was a work day with cleaning, a walk, and other chores sandwiched in.  So it felt like a weekday. Saturday evening I caught a bit of a respite going to see my nephew, Tony Petruzzello, in A Christmas Carol at Middletown High School. Congratulations, Tony!

Sunday I did the usual prep for the week, plus some paperwork for a couple of my pet projects. And more work, which meant it still felt like a weekday except for the Sunday NYTimes sitting pristine on the floor of my office.

Today, Monday, I did my usual with one big exception.  The veterans’ group met tonight because, well, Thursday is Thanksgiving. So right now it feels like tomorrow should be Friday.

I’m in a “Who’s on First?” routine only it’s “What Happened to Thursday?”

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