The weather veered from rain to sleet to snow and back again so many times today I lost count. At the moment we are south of the rain/ice line, but  that will change since the temp is supposed to go below freezing soon.

So here is a list of what I’m thankful for:

  • My dear husband, Larry Riley, who puts up with my craziness and offers support when I’m freaking about work and other crises.
  • My family – Anna, Ash, Kathryn. Unlike many folks, I not only love my family, I like them, too.
  • Larry’s family. If I list them all, I’ll crash the blog.
  • The members of the veterans’ writing group, “We Were There,” and Christy Billings, my colleague on the project. I’ve learned so much from the guys and have shared laughter and a few tears (mine).
  • My friend Marcia Baird for allowing me to be part of her beautiful wedding this summer.
  • My cherished friends Thelma, Betsy, Lucey, Linda, Wendy.
  • The mostly fabulous weather we’ve had this fall, which has allowed me to take long, long walks to clear my head.
  • My excellent health, which has also allowed me to take long walks.
  • Elizabeth Normen, for asking me to contribute to African American Connecticut Explored.
  • The various people and organizations that have offered me a chance to speak about my passions during the past year: American Association of University Women, Godfrey Memorial Library, the Mark Twain House (stay tuned for an update on another presentation), Bill Foster and the staff at Naugatuck Valley Community College, and Connie Gillies and the women of St. Theresa’s Guild at St. Sebastian’s Church.
  • The beautiful experience of meeting Bernie Siegel.

Thank you, everyone.


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