Sushi Friday


Asian Bistro, 396 Cromwell Avenue, Rocky Hill, CT 06067


I first visited this place in January 2013 and gave it a B+. Much had deteriorated when I went at the end of July. It seems to be putting its energy into looking glitzy, not into the food or service.

The chef has changed and is no longer the chatty guy who wanted to practice his English. In fact there is a constant back and forth of chefs and busboys, unrelaxing in the extreme.

The miso had a mysterious smoky flavor, a good contrast much that is served in other places. The sashimi display remains dramatic with two pieces each salmon, escolar, and yellowtail, plus three of tuna. The flavor, however, was blah at best. The fish wasn’t spoiled, just tired. I had to ask for rice. Salad dressing drowned the pieces of iceberg, lone grape tomato, and a few shreds of cabbage.

Prices are higher than other spots of the same quality, and the waitress shortchanged me, was profusely apologetic as the sushi chef watched nervously.

New grade: C

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