Clichés Continued

Basking in the glow of the fabulous reception I got at the Mark Twain House. Thank you, everyone!

I should preface this entry by observing that clichés may not be the target of complete derision when spoken. They are inexcusable if one has the time to write, and hence to think.


Here’s the rest of my list.

  • It is what it is. (To which I always want to reply, “No, it’s not.”)
  • Little did he know … (This comes courtesy of Lit Reactor,  which cites Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code as a perpetrator. I regret to say I have read that one.)
  • 24/7. (with or without “365”)
  • It’s not rocket science. (Well, what is it?)
  • paradigm shift (Best use of the “p” word, stenciled on the sidewalk outside Wesleyan’s science library: “Brother, can you spare a paradigm?”)
  • thinking outside the box (Best variation: illustration of a litter box with some “product” on the floor, two cats looking at a third, one saying “Someone’s thinking outside the litter box again.”)
  • at the end of the day
  • comparing apples to oranges
  • elephant in the room
  • monkey on my back
  • to make a long story short. (Good version: “to make a long story unbearable.”)
  • the whole nine yards (I don’t know what that phrase means).
  • Keep on keeping on.
  • whole new level
  • the size of Rhode Island (Please stop picking on the poor little state.)
  • slow as molasses in January
  • (which brings up a raft of clichés used by menu creators and food writers with a nod to Grubstreet):
    • cooked to perfection
    • savor
    • melt in your mouth
    • –tastic
    • –licious

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