House of Myrr-th


Blog entry on  the Mark Twain House talk will be forthcoming. In the meantime, here’s a brief post on learning and laughing at the veterans’ writing group tonight.

We discussed clichés, among them the especially painful Christmas versions, which usually induce twitching.  We segued into a  discussion of the Three Kings, which brought up myrrh. No one seemed to know exactly what it was, so I ventured online.

Webmd  had the best take, saying that it could treat, among other ailments, “indigestion, ulcers, colds, cough asthma, lung congestion, arthritis pain, cancer, leprosy, spasms, and syphilis.”

And “is applied directly to the mouth for soreness and swelling, inflamed gums (gingivitis), loose teeth, canker sores, bad breath, and chapped lips. It is also used topically for hemorrhoids.” It is apparently also aromatic.

After the hysteria abated, I announced that I had figured out what the gifts were for. Gold was obvious. The other two were to remove or at least cover the odors of the manger.

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