Banished Words

It’s a new year. It’s Friday, and blog has returned after a near-death experience and much tooing and froing on Bluehost. Instead of a serious topic, here is fun with words, that is the words folks at Lake Superior State University want to banish in 2015. I did not realize the BW is celebrating its fortieth anniversary.

I disagree that we should eliminate “enhanced interrogation.” We should keep it front and center, always followed by “the Bush administration’s term for torture” just to keep this shameful chapter in our history fresh in everyone’s minds.

A few of my (un)favorites:

Vortex this!
Vortex this!
  • Polar Vortex. This term has actually existed for some years. Al Roker  cited a 1950s-era textbook. In 2014 weather forecasters apparently couldn’t just use arctic front, or better yet, an actual temperature and wind speed. A suggestion: vortex this!
  • Curate/curated has become utterly meaningless and now replaces choose or chosen. Let’s uncurate everything in 2015 except the artwork at MoMA and the MMA.
  • Hack has become meaningless since it has nothing to do with actually breaking into a website and changing or deleting stuff. Let’s hack the hack.

Two I’d never heard before and hope never to see or hear again.

  • BAE – somewhere between half-assed and meaningless.
  • Cra-cra. So bad they had to say it twice.

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