Fission at TNR

A big event in the world of magazines erupted last month. The New Republic, which has been a part of my life since I was about sixteen, looks to be undergoing a sort of nuclear fission. Chris Hughes of Facebook fame bought the publication last year. He and his management decided he wanted a “vertically integrated digital media company.” The terminology does not bode well for a formerly serious publication that would have taken apart exactly what he meant, had the phrase been applied to another magazine.

Politico called the change “rebranding.” After Hughes kicked out two of the lead people, most of the rest of the top staff resigned.

According to Poynter, Hughes admires Vox, which today had stories carnitas shortages at Chipotle and “Here’s what it looks like when a lab-grown muscle flexes.”

Poynter reports that the people who quit or were forced out are working at respected publications such as The Atlantic and Slate.

May the rest find places where their insights and terrific writing will continue to keep readers enlightened.

Interesting: When I tried to upload a photo, I had to go back to an old cover. The current logo doesn’t translate.

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