Sunday Routine


The Metro Section of the NYTimes runs a “Sunday Routine” column in which it describes how some artist, politician, or sports figure spends the day. Here is my Sunday Routine.

Arise at 8 a.m. or so and go to Stop & Shop for the Times. I used to walk but don’t like the lack of sidewalk and shoulder on the last hill. If there’s a need, I’ll buy odds and ends and sometimes pick up a breakfast treat: nova to go with bagels, or a bialy. Rarely do I engage in serious shopping.

Back home, I’ll put in a load of laundry and make coffee. Sit with the paper until 10 a.m. and then turn on Car Talk reruns, munch on breakfast, and do the daily Sudoku puzzle. During the two hours of Car Talk and Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, I’ll finish up any chores that didn’t get done on Saturday.

If the weather is good, I’ll take my walk and then read more of the paper, chat on the phone with friends, write a letter or two. Yes, I still use snail mail.

Depending on what’s in the refrigerator, I’ll cook something. Last week it was Gumbo Z’Herbes, which is the vegetarian gumbo normally eaten on Good Friday but which tastes excellent any time of year. With the chopping and roux stirring, that process took up most of the afternoon.

Unless there’s something pressing, I’ll engage in my hobby, chasing down information about a friend’s family or adding to my own genealogy.

Usually around 4 p.m. as I’m listening to podcasts – This American Life, On the Media, The Moth, or TED Radio, I’ll start to organize the week, figure out what emails need sending, what writing projects need more work. If I haven’t walked, then I’ll get on the exercise bike and do some stretches afterward.

Except for a treat for breakfast, meals are pickup: soup or a veggie burger for lunch, followed by fruit and cheese. Dinner will be whatever I cooked or a selection from the stash in the freezer, maybe with fruit afterward.

Evening usually brings more NYTimes. I try to read at least the sections devoted to business, real estate, “Review,” main news, and “local” (which features one measly restaurant review and one art or theater review for Connecticut.) I succeed about half the time.

Often Sunday night includes a chat with my cousin Anna in Colorado and sometimes with my friend Betsy in Ohio. It’s still a night when I feel depressed so I’ll cheer myself before bed by reading something thoroughly engaging. Right now I’m about to start re-reading Jane Austen to enjoy truly great writing.

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