It’s time to have fun with errors. Every year Craig Silverman at Poynter compiles the worst (or best) errors of the year. Past years have included the awful: misidentifying the Newtown shooter, reporting U.S. Representative’s Gabrielle Giffords’ death. This year of course the top of the list belongs to Rolling Stone for the campus rape story. The fallout from that one will continue for years.

The top prize for 2014 corrections goes, as it often does, to the NYTimes. I won’t repeat the correction here, but I love that it combined Kimye, butts, and a radio station with the supposed call letters of WGYN. Wow! Can’t believe all the editors who check copy didn’t catch that. Oh, wait, maybe the Times has joined the rest of the world and fired all the copy editors.

There’s also a big hint in the runner up correction from the British Sun about how London Bridge is falling down. Anyone who knows Arizona would be alerted that turning the area into a “centre for drug tourism” is not going to happen. If the bridge resided in Colorado, Washington, or even California, then the error might have been harder to spot.

A few of my favorites from Silverman’s favorites, chosen because one is left wondering about the rest of the article.

  • From the WaPo: “An earlier version of this story erroneously said that Joaquín Guzmán was found in bed with his secretary. He was found with his wife. This version has been corrected.”
  • From Slate: “This post originally quoted photographer Tom Sanders as saying it takes him five years to get on the dance floor. It takes him five beers.”
  • From NPR: “An earlier version of this story said that the methane emissions associated with livestock come from their farts. In fact, most of those methane emissions come from belches.”

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