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Another in an occasional series and part two of A Man From Ohio. This time I promised myself I’d slow down and take notes with the result that I have only just crossed the one-hundred-page mark. It’s been pure pleasure. Ed’s use of language is captivating: “I stole about campus like a cat.” “… walking on a wooded path through the placid budding glory of a campus spring…” He writes about seeking to achieve the perfect balance of literature. It appears that he is succeeding.

Ed offers fabulous advice about public speaking, from E.M. Forster’s advice, which was new to me, “Only connect.”

So far the most powerful exchange occurs between his Jewish-German friend Gunther, with whom he has reconnected. It’s amazing how a few words can open someone’s eyes and revealed Ed’s unconscious bias.

[Gunther] startled me. “Riot about Negro not so different from Nazis and Jews. Nazis boot Jews right in streets.”

“Completely different,” I flared, we don’t have camps.”

“No camps, same hate, race hate.”

This sort of thing should be a lesson for us all. Only someone who has undergone that sort of transformation can write with insight about the situation in this country.

Last night, as I was feeling a bit low, I enjoyed the descriptions of Ed’s travel about the British Isles where he spoke to Rotary Clubs, who financed his education at Oxford. His friends’ great fun with those travels lightened my evening.

Thank you, again, Ed.

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