En Route to NYC


There was no blog post Friday because I went to New York, braving ridiculous weather, to see friends and relatives.

As I left to drive to Old Saybrook to catch the train, it was four degrees. I dreaded waiting on the platform because whatever wind is always magnified as it whips along the tracks. The dramatic ice formations in the rocks along Route 9 did nothing to inspire confidence. I also decided that the pitted and rutted highway surface might not survive till spring if we get any more snow.

I made the horrifying discovery that the parking lot is no longer free. Part of my decision to leave from O.S. instead of New Haven was free parking. This time it probably cost me more than if I’d driven to New Haven. Will rethink travel from now on, though O.S. still has the advantage of a less creepy lot, much closer to the train.

Oh, well. Train was “20 minutes” late. Actually turned out to be 45 minutes and never made up the loss. Also crowded. I managed to get the only seat in the alleged “quiet” car across from a couple who talked non-stop. The woman’s cell phone began ringing … Guy sitting in front of them kept glaring at them, but they were oblivious.

Trip otherwise uneventful. I finished A Voice in the Radio. The last twenty-seven percent is index, which was a bit irritating.

Walked through Penn Station, probably in the wrong direction, and waited in a lo-o-ong taxi cue, which moved quickly, a blessing since it was about 10 degrees and of course blowing with NYC intensity. Decided to go directly to my destination as I didn’t think I’d have time to drop my bag at the hotel. Thus I arrived early at Sapphire. The waiters were a bit snooty but generally OK.

Next: reunion with my cousin Walter.

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