NYC Part 2


Walter arrived exactly on time. We caught up on bits and pieces of the twenty-five years (!) since we’d last seen each other. He was a professor at Fairfield University, specializing in Latin American studies for forty-eight years and is still mentoring young academics.

I told him how his mother, my Aunt Lois, was my favorite relative. She just seemed so warm and loving. He confirmed that she was a fabulous teacher, which I’d always suspected.

Sapphire offered an excellent Indian buffet with great choices of vegetarian samosas, chickpeas, palak, bread to sop up the sauces. Also various kinds of salad, including a wonderful mélange of cucumber, tomato, and onions.

They closed the kitchen without announcing it, meaning that Walter couldn’t get coffee. Then they kicked us out so we walked a couple of blocks to the Lincoln Center Atrium where one can buy tickets and wait for performances.

A typical NYC gathering including a number of older folks, a gaggle of students, and the requisite wacko. The young man who let us share his table works for PBS and promised to pass along Walter’s praise for a program.

We got coffee (tea for me). Walter recommended the documentary Timbuktu, about life in Mali. I was pleased to discover that it’s playing in Hartford so will not have to watch it on a little screen.

It was a thrill to reconnect. We will meet again.

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