Sushi Friday


A revisit to Min Ghung in Glastonbury.

This place seems to change hands every couple of years, so here’s another update. Many things impressed on my first visit in 2010:

  • the setting, which gives the impression of dining in the woods and makes use of the natural light coming through the skylight
  • the lack of television with a good variety of background music from satellite radio
  • the cordial sushi chef who remembered me after my second visit 
  • elegant presentation of excellent sashimi, which included octopus.

There were negatives, too:

  • uneven sometimes inattentive or rushed service
  • indifferent miso lacking flavor and warmth.

Because of the dramatic, fresh, and flavorful sashimi. I gave it a B.

New management had arrived by my revisit in 2013. The fish had that fresh bite, meaning it was top notch. Another personable sushi chef explained that he received deliveries three times a week, compared to one at most places, which might account for the higher prices. I received more pieces of sashimi than advertised, plus a fabulous lagniappe of salmon topped with caviar on a slice of avocado in jalapeño sauce. The white miso soup proved flavorful this time. Service remained uneven, but I raised the grade to B+ based on the sashimi and its presentation.

Another management group had taken over when I visited two weeks ago. The perky waitresses still don’t quite have the service down – standing too close, yakking to each other. The flavorful miso had slipped a notch, as it was barely lukewarm and overloaded with scallion. The sashimi remains stellar, equal to my gold standard of Sushi California, and the presentation has escalated as the photo demonstrates. They serve no rice, fine with me, but the huge piles of ginger seem to be a waste.

Grade back up to B+

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