Brain Freeze

State hero Geno Auriemma
State hero Geno Auriemma

The last days have imploded my brain. The best part was hearing Geno Auriemma speak on Tuesday. He maintains his standup cool and added a bunch of digs at the Irish-Americans on the dais. Of course we’re all awaiting the beginning of the playoffs on Saturday.

Other than that, I’ve been trying to take long walks but have been stymied by rain and 30-plus mph winds. I managed to go far enough to see a tree in front of a house about a mile away with four birds’ nests — mostly robins — and one sloppy squirrel abode. The owner calls it her bird condo, said she tolerates the squirrels.

Then, I couldn’t get home from running errands because of a bad accident  a couple of miles the other direction, about which I’ve seen no news reports. It seemed to involve a car pulling out of a mini-plaza and being T-boned by an oncoming car that was probably speeding. The detour opened another crater in the day.

Then today I heard from a friend who couldn’t go the back way from her house because of a huge evergreen down across the road. Again, I’ve seen no news reports. She said it looked completely black.

She was worried about some neighbors who are friends of mine. I called and learned that the tree must have come down not long after the winds kicked up. It took The Powers That Be seventeen hours to begin chopping up the tree, leaving the people affected in the dark and cold. My friends have a generator so they were able to restore heat and running water (they have a well), but two deadlines for power restoration had come and gone. So much for the new improved power company. The name may change, but the service remains exorbitant and incompetent.

Taking care of various and sundry, my office now looks like a combination accident scene/windstorm disaster.

More of substance will follow in later days.

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