‘Vows’ Special


The “Vows” column  in the Sunday NYTimes Style section generally goes to the recycling bin without a glance. I’m not sure what made me look at the March 15 edition on Wednesday, which is when I got around to the features sections of the paper.

I’m so glad I did. If “compelling” were not so overused, it would apply. So do “inspiring” and “heartwarming,” but they all seem hackneyed ways to describe the story of Capt. Lorelei Gaus and Capt. Nicholas Schroback, who found each other in the most demanding of all military branches and bonded over their shared purpose, along with the usual stuff.

Search for “For Love of Country, and Each Other” to read the story.

Two observations: The pat on the butt with the sword doesn’t seem fair to do to a fellow Marine. And why is she in an ultra-traditional dress while he’s in military dress?

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