Talking Brit

I should call this entry fun with words, but it’s too close to Words with Friends.  What follows is the first of my forays into the world of words from across the Pond, based on Walking Home.  All definitions are from the Cambridge Dictionary online unless otherwise noted.

  • yomp: to walk quickly and energetically, usually while carrying a lot of equipment, often said of soldiers
  • Victoria sponge (from BBC Food): a double-layer sponge cake with fresh berries and whipped cream placed between the layers
  • biro: a type of ball point pen
  • pac-a-mac:  per ebay an anorak “comes with stuff sack.” Mine is too hideous to photograph.
  • abseil: to go down a very steep slope by holding on to a rope that is fastened to the top of the slope
  • dosh: money
  • leylandii: per its own website a popular hedge or tree
  • clunner: per Collins English Dictionary, a variation of chunter, which per Cambridge means to complain, especially in a low voicewellies
  • Barbour jacket: per, a casual looking jacket that can cost up to $419 for “waxed cotton.” Here are the Wellies to go with the jacket.
  • shell suit per the Daily Mail on line, “Based on the track suit, the brightly colored polyester trouser and jacket outfit…” also voted worst fashion item of the last 50 years. The model was that Brit TV personality suspected of serial child molesting.

More to follow.


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