Junk Food the Second


(Continued from Friday Follies). We left the junk food guy with smaller plates. Here’s the rest.

I could not disagree more with the Taco Bell/Moosewood split. There is no reason that anyone, with a bit of thought, cannot provide healthy, good-tasting meals that don’t cost a fortune. TV, the web, and old-fashioned paper cookbooks offer lots of options. A quick check of Epicurious’ “healthy” and “quick and easy” reveals a large overlap and lots of variety.

As for the tax on sugar, the government has subsidized the producers of sugar, wheat, etc. for years. Why shouldn’t we give the people who produce healthier stuff a break by hiking the price of the junk?

The Chinese buffet observations are genius, especially removing the forks. Besides forcing Americans to eat slower, chopsticks cause more of the calorie-laden sauce to fall off the food, saving mucho calories.

Most of Wansink’s research falls on the far side of cynical, such as helping Mickey D’s feed more happy meals to little kids even if they are smaller and lack caramel. His efforts toward healthy stuff don’t inspire confidence. If he’s still eating grease, grease, more grease, why should anyone listen to what he says?

Bagged lettuce can save time, but people on a budget would do better to add the three steps – washing, drying, tearing – and save beaucoup money. As for those craisins, I lost my taste when I watched the keepers at the Honolulu zoo hide them in the chimpanzee enclosure, Wansink is welcome to them.

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