Sushi Friday


Ginza, Wethersfield

This is a revisit from a review posted two years ago. Huge bowls of miso now include two types of seaweed, a decent quantity of tofu, and a scattering of scallion.

The salad, now part of the bento box, remains a disaster: half a flavorless grape tomato, one huge chunk of cucumber, a coating of mesclun over iceberg, all topped with a huge glop of neon dressing.

The shrimp shumai is down from three pieces to two and doesn’t taste as fresh.

The four pieces of Cali roll had more flavor than usual, perhaps because the rice was a bit warm. The huge serving of rice comes in brown or white options. Good undyed ginger provided some counterbalance to the slightly dried out wasabi.

The fish still  consists of nine pieces, three each of  v. fishy escolar, OK tuna, and salmon that had little of the expected buttery goodness but was absolutely fresh. Instead of the ubiquitous daikon, they rest on thin strips of cucumber, balancing the fish.

I stopped sitting at the sushi bar a while ago when the chef went on a rampage about how little money he had. The manager and much of the waitstaff now recognize me, so service is decent, though on a recent previous visit I was seated right outside the toilets despite the many other available options.

Grade: Back up to B from C+.

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