More Brit

Here we continue proving that we are a people divided by an ocean and by a common tongue.

  • bothy per Merriam-Webster online – a hut
  • finca – estate
  • shambolic — confused and badly organized
  • Kendal mint cake per the BBC – an energy candy, containing mostly sugar and mint but no flour or eggs. It was also banned in the USA at one point because cakes were supposed to have flour.
  • mobbish per – British slang for “destructive behaviour”

    Bear Grylls looks like he's hanging from a tree.
    Bear Grylls looks like he’s hanging from a tree.
  • Bear Grylls, per his own website, “one of the most recognized faces of survival and outdoor adventure.” Personally I think he’s kind of scary looking.
  • Blue Remembered Hills per its own website —  a television play that began in 1979
  • wine gums per photos online – a type of candy that looks like Jujubes that contain no wine — see Kendal mint cake, above.
  • Belfast sink, per blog.specifinder –  a square kitchen sink with a “weir overflow.”

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