Final Brit

Here we complete the leap across the pond.

  • Julia Bradbury, per her own website, a television personality

    Julia Bradbury, less scary than that Bear person
    Julia Bradbury, less scary than that Bear person
  • blah to persuade someone in a clever or slightly dishonest way to allow you to do something or to give you something
  • gunnels per, a northern dialect word for passageways between two buildings
  • snicket, per, partially vegetated alleyway or cut through in the north of England
  • naffly per Collins English Dictionary, slang for inferior
  • chamfered per Collins English Dictionary to cut a narrow flat surface on a beam
  • Happy Mondays gig per its own website a scary-looking comedy troupe of six guys and a woman
  • clough per the Free Dictionary, a gorge or narrow ravine
  • salopettes per Oxford Dictionary, a one piece garment similar to overalls with a front flap and shoulder straps
  • hag/grough per the Free Dictionary a natural channel or fissure in a peat moor

And here are the words that I couldn’t find given the context:

  • maroon as in  “last-gasp, never-to-be-used safety measure, like a maroon or cyanide tablet”
  • turn as a person
  • currick and hushes, which appearing with cairns and sink-holes, are probably some type of geological formations


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