Blog Is Back?


Blog went on involuntary hiatus. Here’s a brief summary of what happened in more or less chrono order, except some stuff is on-going.

  • The very early stages of a film project. Stay tuned.
  • A wonderful appreciation dinner for the hospital volunteers.
  • Preparing for a Connecticut Library Association presentation about the veterans’ writing workshop.
  • Walking some miles for the Twain-Twichell hike.
  • Dealing with book contracts.
  • Reading a manuscript submitted by one of the veterans.
  • Reading Gateway to Freedom. That will be a “what I’m Reading Now” as soon as my brain is functioning again.
  • A delightful break at Tea Roses with friend who fell in love with this refuge from the chaos of life.. Kudos to Peggi for five years!
  • The mayor’s black-tie charity ball.
  • A painful afternoon at the dentist, which included seven XRays and much pounding on my jaw/skull to fit the implant and add the crown.

Something of substance will follow.

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