Sushi Friday

oyamatypeOyama Japanese Cuisine in Cromwell has received two and half reviews with various type of B grades. It’s sliding. My impressions are reinforced by various online reviews. The setting remains – good parking, no sports over the sushi bar, a reasonable price for the quantity of food, a brown rice option (dried out and one corner absolutely cold at last visit.)

Pretty much everything else has declined, though. The miso soup’s flavor does not compensate for the lack of tofu, wakame, and scallion. Teddy, one of two actual Japanese sushi chefs in the area, retired, and the Chinese replacements don’t quite have it. The escolar lacked the usual buttery smoothness. One piece of the tuna had no crunch. The snapper refused to yield to my front teeth so I had to chew the large pieces whole. Even the salmon, usually flavorful and also buttery, had no personality.

The formerly unobtrusive and friendly service varied between obtrusive, with two waitresses having a loud conversation nearby and the hostess sniffling over her soup at a table behind me, and non-existent since the chef disappeared and waited until I was ready to leave to ask how I liked the food.

Revised grade: C+

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