Shredding My Life

I’m writing this in paragraphs because Bluehost won’t let me single- space the poetry.

The scrip for the antibiotics for the first dental implant/ Listening to Kinky Friedman on Dr. G’s iPod/Odd spot for an office:/in  tiny office park /down the street from a strip mall/most stores closed, space forever abandoned

The NYTimes that cost $4.50, then $5/Much more of interest then/Is it me?/The invasion of the Web?/Bad choices by editors?/Bad choices of editors?

The Goddess
The Goddess

Oil bill for $700 for the entire winter/Before the new triple-pane windows downstairs/Now it’s $700 a fill- up/The oil spill by the firebox that began in January is spreading

Isis’s annual checkup: $45/My boss KHRIII called it “lube, oil, and filter”/No extra charge for the assault on the doctor/No extra charge for cleaning up the vomit in her cat carrier/I miss her every day

Paper bill for Verizon/No more Verizon

Paper bill for Direct TV/No more Direct TV

1040s with lots of attachments but not much money/No more paper 1040s/Now a bunch of computer files/Still lots of attachments/Still not much money

Goodbye, 2007.



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