One More Thing


There was one other big thing I learned at the CLA conference on Monday. I met Baker and Taylor – or at least their images. Having never heard of the company (am I the only person on the planet?) I went online and learned it (they?) is (are?) about the largest distributor of books/music/etc.

It seems Baker & Taylor the company had acquired Baker and Taylor the cats. And what endearing and peculiar looking creatures they were. I showed the souvenir tote bag to Larry, who thought they had been surgically altered. The search under mascots revealed “Scottish fold,” a breed of cat that I’ve never encountered before, which seems to date all the way back to 1961 and is the result of genetic mutation. The photo on the mascots page isn’t nearly as gorgeous as the tote-bag pics.


Apparently I’m not the only enchanted person. Scottishfoldlove reports they go for between $250 and $1,500. At those prices, I’ll adopt a shelter cat. Still, they’re adorable.

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