RIP, B.B. King


I normally post uplifting or fun stuff on Friday, but a superstar musician died yesterday. Here’s my tribute, posted originally in seven years ago, reposted four years ago when MySpace began to keep me from access to my blog, then wiped out again in the great Blue implosion. This post followed his September 2008 appearance at the Bushnell in Hartford.

Thrill Still There

Went to go see the real King. Though he no longer plays Lucille and sings at the same time, the man still has it. He tells wonderful stories. His riff on Dr. Viagra is a hoot. And boy can he flirt!

But the music rules all. His band is tighter than a streetwalker’s skirt. Of course it’s mostly blues, that’s the band’s name, after all. They jammed with the New Orleans sound, too. My favorite was B.B. and his guitar players in instrumental mode. He closed with his million-seller, and everyone in the place knew the thrill was still most definitely there, even the people who ran in and out of the auditorium all night for more beer, more beer, more beer.

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