Friday Follies


It’s Friday. It’s the beginning of a long weekend in which I hope people will remember that the memorial part of Memorial Day is to honor the fallen; Veterans Day is for all military. Please remember.

In the meantime, Poynter said NPR published the “Holy Grail” of corrections.

In a previous correction on this post, we corrected something that was actually correct. So we have corrected that correction. It had to do with Celsius temperatures.

The Holy Grail was said to be the chalice from which Jesus drank before he was crucified. In myth, King Arthur’s knights went on a quest to find it. Others have decided the Grail  was a symbol of purity, in some cases a human being. Anyway, does Poynter really want us to go in search of all layers of corrections?

From the ridiculous to the sublime. Here’s a link to gorgeous artwork from the National Geographic traveler photo contest.

The one above  is Allan Gichigi’s photograph from Kit Mikai in West Africa.

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