Pablo the Pinto

Pablo the Pinto


When the veterans’ writing group reconvened after delays for blizzards, we warmed up with a seven-minute exercise. There was no concern for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc. The idea was to put on paper as much as possible in the time allotted. The prompt was

My First Car

Here’s my contribution. This is verbatim except for fixing spelling because it became incomprehensible.

Pablo the Pinto, learned to drive stick taught by the owner of the Ford dealer who was a friend of my parents’ Pablo and I traveled all over the lower part of Middlesex County as I covered Essex, Deep River and Chester for the Middletown Press. I put $3 worth of gas in and drove 200 miles a week. Pablo did very well except for one time when I was on a hill in Killingworth and someone cut me off. I stalled out badly.

Pablo also had issues with don’t remember if I baptised him with coffee as I did with subsequent cars. Not sure where his name came from.

Pablo moved me from O.S. to Deep River and then to Middletown.

He met his demise one morning early when I hit blck ice on Route 9 north, skidded and wound up facing south.

That day I went to see Stan Koslowski Youth Services director in Middletown. He kept looking at me funny asked if I was OK. I said yes – that I’d hit my head in a car accident. He called 911 and I spent the rest of the morning in the emergency room. Turned out to be a mild concussion – but Stan may have prevented it from getting worse.

I had the accident at the max trade in time and got enough to put down money on a 1974 Volvo 244 S, which I drove until 1984? or whenever they stopped selling leaded gas. Olaf got me from Connecticut to Pennsylvania and took me all over Philadelphia. He required regular alignments because of the train tracks that stuck up and existed as a barrier between my office and home.

That’s six minutes, but I figure I’m typing and the veterans were writing by hand.

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