Seven Minutes

Two quick workout options presented themselves in the last few weeks. One actually came from an old, old (as in 2013) NYT Mag, which I had saved but buried under a huge pile o’ other clippings. I think if I actually cleaned up the pile, I’d be in great shape – all those trips to the recycle bin. The other was in the April/May issue of AARP Mag, which I don’t normally read but it had Patrick Stewart on the cover …

Anyway, both of these items concerned the seven-minute workout. NYT had twelve exercises, each done for thirty seconds with a ten-second rest between each session. The AARP version had just for, still with thirty seconds of exercise but with fifteen in between.

Since I couldn’t walk today – well I could have if I’d wanted wet feet and the possibility of getting soaked and/or hit by lightning – so I thought give the workout a try.

The impossible side plank, courtesy of the NYTimes
The impossible side plank, courtesy of the NYTimes

First plus: there’s an app for that.

I downloaded “The 7-Minute Workout” on my iPhone, which is great because it would have taken me way more than ten or even fifteen seconds to figure out what I was supposed to do next.

  • So how’d I do? The jumping jacks (AARP includes) were surprisingly easy considering I hadn’t done any since middle school. Chalk that up to the walking and the T-T hike and the odd spin on the stationary bike.
  • Wall sits worked fine once I found a bare stretch of wall to sit on so I probably only got twenty-seven seconds.
  • Push-ups? Ha! I cheated by doing them with bent knees. (AARP says it’s OK.)
  • Abdominal crunches went OK until I figured out I was doing them with legs straight up instead of on the floor.
  • Step-ups onto chair: I lost a couple of seconds running to the stairs because the chair was way too high. Otherwise also fine.
  • Squat. (AARP includes) I started to shake and sweat but got through it.
  • Triceps dip on chair. I think I cheated by not extending all the way up but go through.
  • Planks. (AARP includes). Ha! I made it through about fifteen seconds, started to shake and collapsed round twenty.
  • High knees running in place. OK but I should have more space.
  • Lunges worked also fine except I ditto on the room.
  • Push-ups and rotation. Double HA! I don’t even know how to do them and realized afterward that I never extended my free arm. Shaking to the max and sweating through my T-shirt.
  • Side plank. Oh, sure. This would be HA HA HA if I could breathe! Will practice the last two before I try the full routine again.

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