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Another in an occasional series. Another that I’ve already watched. In a search for films offering history and good content, I found 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama,  This captivating documentary shares the still photo/ video/ interview technique, with Hendrix June 4. The Chinese assault on the stunning, gentle, and ancient Tibet provides a painful background to one of the fundamental issues that frames 10 Questions, which is how to respond to war and assault with peace.

There’s a bit of suspense about whether director and writer Rick Ray will score an interview with His Holiness, but the film wouldn’t be a film without it, so…

The format helps to carry the narrative with grainy still photos and early videos offering Ken Burns-style historical context.

When it comes to the exchange, Ray interjects too much of himself. Given that his subject practices the art and science of egolessness, awareness of this problem should have guided the work. The questions should have been edited, either before or after filming.

10 Questions is nevertheless worth viewing for its visuals and for the teachings of the man who should be a model for us all.

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