Williamsport Day 1


I began the day with a run along Pine Street north to the island with the farmers’ market. Impression: the rehab effort is proceeding but has still left a good portion of the city behind. Did some additional running on the return. At 7:30 a.m. it was nasty and sticky but not yet hot. I grabbed coffee in the lobby, then Betsy and I had breakfast at the restaurant. The omelets lacked cheese and most of the advertised veggies.

Returned to work on a project to be announced later. I came up with conclusions about some of the cast of characters, but the topic is still too amorphous to describe coherently.

We worked until five-ish, aided by a bottle of Casal Garcia.

Then we went to Rum Runners for dinner. I had a salad with grilled salmon on top – grill mix deliciously spicy. Betsy had steak and asparagus. Steak cooked medium rare, not medium. The only other people in the place left when they discovered they couldn’t get the Italian special. It was the wrong weekend.

From there we walked two doors to Wine and Design, a place where people paint and drink wine. I exorcized some of my painting demons but produced what I thought was a sub-par piece of work based on the sketch of an anchor. The upbeat instructor had to help me finish. No, I’m not going to hang it or share it with the public.

There were only three of us, the third being a tiny (short and almost emaciated) young woman, newly married whose parents had paid the $35 to reduce her anxiety. She spread enough of the acrylic paint on her canvas to soak through to the back and took way longer to finish than Betsy or me.

I was exhausted and crashed fairly early after reading a bit of an AMS novel that I know I’ve read before.

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