Williamsport Day 2


 I arose on Sunday and went for another run, this time along Fourth Street past the Herdic House along “Millionaires’ Row.” It featured lots of huge old mansions in good condition and tidy newer commercial buildings. People were arriving for an 8 a.m. service. Based on the cross on top, the church was either Episcopal or Roman Catholic. I’m guessing the former because of the lack of further ornamentation. The sign didn’t advertise a denomination that I could see, though I was watching for cars, pedestrians, and uneven pavement.

After I cooled down, showered, and dressed, Betsy and I crossed the parking lot to Wegman’s. It was a few minutes before 9, but the NYTimes had not yet arrived. We went to Perkin’s for breakfast. Many of the tables were full and a couple held ten or twelve people. A very filling breakfast of buttermilk pancakes and fruit.

The Times had arrived by the time we finished. It is the Washington edition, which may explain the delay. I miss the Real Estate and Metro sections, which are compressed into Business and the main news section outside the tri-state area.

We returned to further work, aided first by coffee (for me) and later by Casal Garcia accompanied by excellent bread that Betsy supplied, plus cheese and fruit.

The research proceeds at a snail’s pace with or without caffeine or alcohol, which is kind of sad. But I did manage to unearth some valuable nuggets.

Our painting partner from the previous evening had raved about Bullfrog, a restaurant and brewery. I ran by it in the morning and realized we had seen it last year, as it sported a portion of the three-sided mural wrapping around a parking lot. Betsy had chicken and veggies. I had a stir-fry that the waitress claimed would be blindingly hot. It wasn’t. Plus they didn’t toast the sesame seeds, which meant they lacked any flavor.

Crashed after reading a few of the many Newsify items on my phone.

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