Leaving Williamsport



I decided I didn’t need another day of a soaking run and so just packed and drank coffee with a mere glance at the paper. It is now Friday, and I haven’t finished the main news section. Leftovers from the previous week threaten the floor of my study.

We discovered an indoor connection to the Express next door on Sunday evening and so had breakfast there. I nearly replicated my yogurt and toast except I had to use butter in place of olive oil and left the blueberry jam in the bottom of the cup.

Betsy went to a gift shop before heading out. I hit the road after a quick stop for gas, which was forty cents a gallon cheaper than Conn. Lots of people were jogging across the bridge to South Williamsport. It lacked appeal because of the exhaust from the cars stopped at traffic lights at either end. The runners  didn’t seem to mind.

I made excellent time with only a couple of slow-ups and no complete stops for construction. Much lighter traffic contributed but also featured rows of eighteen wheelers. I considered the trade-off worth it once I’d left the hills of Pennsylvania where they race down hills to avoid poking up the other side.

All in all a most successful trip.

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