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tisumiTisumi Sushi, 2850 Main Street, Glastonbury CT 06033, 860-430-2826,

This new place (less than a year) is now my new favorite place, based on one visit for lunch and one for dinner. The selection follows a decline in the quality of the food and service at Sushi California, my original favorite. About six months ago, the loud and aggressive waitress swept dust over my feet as I left. I haven’t returned.

What I like at Tisumi: Free parking, though it can be a challenge in the daytime with people ignoring the directional arrows and rushing in and out of the stores in the little strip mall. The décor features gorgeous woodwork, fascinating circles on the ceiling, and varieties of lighting that provide soft illumination, heightening the ambiance. The only missteps are the disco ball and the enormous TV over the magnificent fireplace. The waitresses offer friendly service without being intrusive, though one made no effort to understand one of my dining companions. The fish is brilliantly fresh with generous portions – I neglected to note the amount and type on the sashimi lunch but remember it included tuna, salmon, and yellowtail. I ordinarily don’t eat fancy rolls because they tend to include mashed up leftovers of tuna, etc., combined with “crunch” and mystery ingredients. I’m glad I made an exception at a recent dinner. No one could top the Special Wasabi Roll. The menu says, “Tuna, salmon, avocado, cucumber inside, topped with multi-colored tobiko and honey wasabi sauce.” The inside takes the California roll (fake crab, avo and cuke) uptown. The tobiko (fish roe) came in red and black and added just the right amount of salt to balance the wasabi, which overwhelmed any honey flavor. My companions declared their meals – rolls, tempura, sushi regular – a success as well.

What I didn’t like: These are minor quibbles. The tea and miso were barely lukewarm, and the miso lacked that good brothy flavor. The sashimi lunch comes with gyoza, though it’s not on the menu so I didn’t know to order veggie.

I gave Sushi Cal an A in the main review. It would now probably get a B or B-. Now for Tisumi, only points off for the quibbles.

Grade: A-

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