Another Tech Hell, Part I


My computer remained immobilized for most of the weekend. Here’s an edited version of the exchange that occurred Friday evening.

Netflix customer service. You are now chatting with Miguel: Hello! Thank you for contacting Netflix! This is Miguel, your Netflix agent. Who am I speaking to?

Me: Liz

Miguel: Nice to meet you Liz! How can I assist you today?

Me: Until tonight I had no trouble streaming films. Nothing has changed since Monday.

Miguel: Oh darn! I see, I understand the concern. I do apologize for this inconvenience! I am looking into this to see what is going on and how we can get this resolved so you can get back to streaming! … Could you provide me the email you used to set up the Netflix account?

[I gave him a wrong email.]

Miguel: Oh no worries! I do see you are logged into an account already on the computer you are using. [This link] will let you see what email you are logged in with. To clarify what device are you using when you have these streaming issues?

Me: MacBook Air

Miguel: Thank you! & to clarify does any error code or message appear when this happens?

Me: No. the film launches and then freezes with the red loop.

Miguel: Oh strange, that is odd. Thank you for clarifying that for me. I am checking further into this issue. … Do you happen to have any other browsers on your Mac we can test real quick to see if this issue happens on those as well? You can try Firefox or Chrome if they are available.

Me: I only run Safari. … Ran into trouble a while back.

Miguel: Ah! I see, I understand. At this time have you seen if clearing the cache/cookies of the Netflix website to see if this could help resolve the issue?

Me: Clear those pretty often. not sure if as recently as Monday.

Miguel: Oh I see, thank you for that. It may help with this issue at this time. It usually helps refresh the website and clear most issues. I do have a link I can provide you that would just clear the Netflix cache/cookies. … We may get disconnected in this process though. Do you have any questions before this is done?

Me: Should I come back to chat if it doesn’t work?

Miguel: Oh yes! We will escalate this further if it does not. I will make sure to leave notes on the account to help refer back to as well.

The chat disconnected, so I had to start over with someone else. To be continued…

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