For a day that started with a quiet half hour of journal writing, it sure turned chaotic fast. I was driven from the house somewhat later and landed at Wesleyan’s Olin Library. It was a shock that many of the tables and carrels were occupied, and it wasn’t even 11 a.m. The last time I went, at about 1 p.m., there was one sleepy guy in PJs. I assumed he had spent the night. Despite today’s crowd, blessed silence reigned.

Then it was back out to the steady thrum of phone calls. I avoided the emails and texts by leaving the computer home and escaping to my volunteer gig at the hospital. It always feels wonderful, but today was special.

For whatever reason, people thought I wouldn’t be coming any more. The outpouring of gratitude and dismay restored me from a spiral of self-doubt, negativity, and depression. The patients completed the process.

Thank you to all. You make all of us volunteers feel special.

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