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This clipping had no other identifying information. It appeared in 1903, and recorded the death of Bertha and Peter Lane's oldest child.
This clipping had no other identifying information. It appeared in 1903, and recorded the death of Bertha and Peter Lane’s oldest child.
  • October 28: Ash and Kathryn went off to Old Saybrook to complete photographs of artifacts in the house with the bell. These were things Frank Burton retrieved from the drugstore, my grandparents’ house, and gifts from my mother. I wrote thank you letters to our film subjects, reviewed the schedule, scanned photos and items that Ash wanted. Concentration made difficult because each time I looked up from the computer all I could see was the flashing lights of first one and then two police cars. They had blocked off the intersection one door away from the house — a further obstruction in the interminable excavation for natural gas lines. At least the jackhammers didn’t start until we were all awake. When Ash and Kathryn returned, after 9 p.m.,  we toasted with Cava and collapsed in anticipation of their early departure.
  • October 29: Ash and Kathryn headed for the airport at 7 a.m. I went back to sleep until 10 a.m. After writing in my journal I made a special trip to the post office to mail the thank you letters. On my return I discovered that all the contacts were gone from my phone. Since tech hell has been my life for the past months, I’ll not bore everyone with that saga.

Film is  progressing. Here are the organizations and people we want to thank:

  • CT Humanities for the grant that allowed us to start this project, especially Lauren Miller
  • Community Foundation of Middlesex County for being our fiscal sponsor and head cheerleader, especially Cynthia Clegg and Thayer Talbott
  • Old Saybrook Historical Society, especially Marie McFarlin, Tedd Levy, and Ed Armstrong
  • Walter Woodward, Connecticut State Historian
  • Farah Jasmine Griffin, professor of English and Comparative Literature and African American Studies at Columbia University
  • Diane Isaacs, professor emerita, University of Delaware
  • Tedd Levy, journalist and expert on Old Saybrook history
  • Garth Meadows, pharmacist who operated James’ Pharmacy in the 1980s
  • Barbara Maynard, former Old Saybrook first selectman and long-time friend of the family
  • Raven Wilkinson, family friend and Old Saybrook summer resident for more than twenty years

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