Sushi Friday


Edo Ichi 

This review was delayed because of visits to Tisumi and Kuyi, which scored better.

What I like: Lots of free parking, though I walked in through the kitchen because the lot is not obvious from the street and not that well marked. The décor offers relaxing appeal with soft colors and minimal clutter. Asian-style music adds to the mis-en-scene. Several folks provide friendly, unobtrusive service. The miso soup has a good balance of seaweed and tofu but lacks that strong umami flavor. A gorgeous display of sashimi promises terrific results. The chefs decorate every plate of rolls and sushi using wasabi as glue. The generous slices of sashimi live up to the promise with two each of yellowtail, salmon, snapper, and three of tuna. Lots of undyed ginger and a good hunk of fresh wasabi round out an excellent lunch. I took it as a good sign that a several parties arrived after the normal lunch hour on a Saturday in late August. The meal concludes with a treat of three pieces of orange and two small slices of watermelon.

What I dislike: It’s too far and too much of a pain to drive almost to the end of the Berlin Turnpike. Two huge TVs detract from the ambiance. The salad consists of a pathetic little swath of iceberg with a few pieces of julienned carrot, drowned in a dressing that tasted sweeter than the usual run. Blah rice could be omitted.

Grade: B+

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