Quick Hit


It’s been one of those days, so I’m taking a break from blogging about the books and movies in the pipeline. We’re in early New England winter: raw, wet, wind out of the northeast. The resulting sinus attack made for daylong light-headed sleepiness despite a good jolt of espresso. After a restorative session volunteering at the hospital, I ran to get copies made since my copier can’t handle  fourteen-inch paper. Then to the grocery store, where I managed to escape through the quick check line. And then …

The traffic filled two lanes, but it flowed so I decided on the most direct route. Bad move. Just after my last turn opportunity I saw multiple flashing lights — red and blue, red and white, yellow. Tail lights filled my vision, and two solid lines of headlights faced me.

Motorists were more or less courteous (mostly less) about letting people in to the single lane. The firetruck driver intimidated a couple of people who were going to cut off those of us already in line.

Arriving home with groceries, copies, and my gear from the hospital, I launched into making gumbo z’herbes. Despite its roux, this gumbo serves as a perfect antidote to the butter, cheese, piecrust, etc., etc. from Thanksgiving. It is all vegetables — onions and scallions, greens, green pepper, celery. Copious amounts of Tabasco will clear the sinuses.

Enjoying a hearty, healthy gumbo on a cold and rainy night.

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