Blog Is Back? Part II

To my friends – thank you for your loving concern. I compiled these entries in mid-December, and things are better, though not one hundred percent. This one came from December 19 and 21.

  • I’m in a place where concentration has become a problem.
  • Will I decorate? Under duress.
  • Next day: I’ll keep on writing here as long as I need to climb out of the abyss. Concentration is crawling back, but I still lie paralyzed even with an early bedtime.
  •  Crawling through a few chores, a little research, some practical stuff.
  • Walks help, but the sun has been in hiding or half concealed so I don’t get the benefit of full rays – which gave a grand total of UVF of 1 today.
  • Feeling worse in some ways, better than others.
  •  So if I were blogging what would it be? Political idiocy? No. The latest terrorist stuff? No. Maybe an entry on Tim Seldes, who represented Mother’s works for years and continued to represent us both until he sold Russell & Volkening. The obituary was suitably laudatory, but without the caption I would never have recognized him.
  • Buds on the magnolia have joined Cromwell’s blooming forsythia. Scary.

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