Tea Again


As most readers here know, I inherited a love of tea from my mother. It helps me keep my sanity (what’s left of it). In copious amounts. Generally black, though green on occasion when I need to mellow out. My favorite at the moment is my friend Peggi’s Tea Roses blend, which she sells at Tea Roses Tea Room. It is one of the regrets that Mother never had the chance to experience it with me.

Tea Roses is Peggi’s own inspired creation, a full-bodied black brew perfumed with just the right amount of rose petals and rose essence (I think, maybe it’s just petals). Her motto is “Sit, Sip, Relax,” and Tea Roses always resets mind, body, and soul.

Another perennial favorite has always been Twining’s Prince of Wales. It’s less aggressive and smoother than English Breakfast but has about the same body. The local Stop & Shop sold it and stopped. Now I have to mail order it. It has joined Luzianne coffee (chicory, yum!) and potato/kale/quinoa soup as a casualty of Big Grocery. Why do the processed food shelves keep encroaching on the healthy stuff?

If I want a tea that’s light and truly soothing, there’s Jeju Island Green. Teavana seems to be the only American distributor of this slightly grassy Korean delicacy, which has tiny curled leaves. I violate the 45-second brewing instruction and let it sit for about two minutes.

For a true voyage to calm city, the White Lavender is perfect. Peggi sells it, so I know it won’t have to come via UPS. Its ingredients are simple: white tea and lavender. On the hierarchy of caffeine, white falls lower than green, meaning that it’s a bare whisper. The results are sublime.

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