Writer Within, Part 3



In the chapter in At Home Inside about the source for my mother’s ideas, I wrote,

“A major source for her material, to which she paid homage, was her subconscious mind. She had a firm belief in its ability to guide everyone through life and to help solve problems. I thought I had been working on a problem in my sleep. She wrote, “You really were, at least your subconscious was. The subconscious is a wonderful part of the mind. It can be the most incredible friend and ally (solve problems, create anything and everything) or it can be the deadliest of enemies (spreading depression, causing diseases or making them worse) – I try to give mine problems to work on while I’m asleep – and I send messages about good health – and so far it has worked.” [Letter to me March 8, 1980] “Muddling” ideas around in her subconscious contributed to her success. “If I have a knotty problem that I can’t solve I think about it for a few minutes before I go to sleep. The chances are that when I wake up the next morning, I will have the answer. If not that morning then in a day or so. My subconscious, much more creative, brilliant, difficult to control than my conscious mind, will have worked on the problem during the night and come up with the solution.” [Draft of speech]

She thanked our ancestors for her ability to access her subconscious.

We are a people of great open spaces, freedom of movement – swift moving – a people of spears and sand – hunters – fishers – swimmers – users of boats we built with our own hands – familiar with the great – magnificent animals of Africa what Loren Eiseley called “a lion country of spears and sand” somewhere in the depths of our unconscious that great free continent still exists … uprooted, enslaved, managing to survive against enormous odds + in this country increasingly moving into cities – trapped there – in concrete – brick – steel – old-law tenements …

[Undated notes]

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