Card ‘Dipping’



Since I’m in deep with the next presentation, here’s a quick hit on charge  card chip readers. The chip arrived in October. I’ve been able to use it exactly twice. Most places in central Connecticut didn’t even have the new machines until the last month or so. Now the machine with the slot sits there, but the only option is to slide when the little blue lights flash.

The two occasions when I did “dip” as opposed to “swipe” did not go well. The first time I pulled the card out before the clerk could say don’t. I had to do it again. Then we waited. By “we” I mean the clerk, the people behind me in line, and me. I know my fellow customers thought my card was being turned down and that the clerk would seize it and cut it in two. Those in the know say the wait is “only” about fifteen seconds. It felt like fifteen years both times. The second time I knew not to jump the gun on processing.

Now Visa plans to go from “dip” to “quick.” I think I’ll give up rewards points on the card and switch to Apple Pay.

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