Do You QR?               

QR mystery
QR mystery

They were one of those ubiquitous things not so long ago, but I hadn’t thought about them in a few years. Until yesterday. Now I’ve been hit with three of them in the past twenty-four hours.

Despite their proliferation, I never used them – and never missed them when they dropped out of sight. Now I’m wondering, do I need this retro/new technology?

It started with The Subway Ride. “Battlefield” required the use of a QR code. I didn’t have the app and was too busy to locate and download it. Plus, my initial research brought up only apps for Android phones.

The veterans’ group watched the other videos on the website, but we couldn’t watch “Battlefield.” No one in the group had QR or had recalled using it. Christy said she’d ditched it after the scavenger hunt that accompanied the One Book program on Ready Player One ended in 2013.

That was that, I thought. Then I went  Friday to the 2016 Senior Studio Exhibition at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts. My friend Dodie D’Oench is graduating had work in the exhibit. I loved the ethereal but grounded feel of “Dancing” and the even more elven “Fire Drill.”

I wandered the exhibit and found a QR. Of course I still didn’t have the app so couldn’t reveal the art secret. And I was also so startled, I forgot to note the name of the piece.

Then in the center of the room was a white sculpture with what looked like a red-brown overlay. The title: “Sugar Cubes in QR code pattern, 6000 live ants, plexiglass box.” I laughed out loud, along with whatever in the Universe is messing with me. At least this one wouldn’t scan with a smart phone. I hope.

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