More Redux


  • My efforts to unsubscribe from commercial websites succeeded, except Rent the Runway. They know clothes, not tech.
  •  Since the reviews of Kuyi Sushi and Edo Ichi, I’ve encountered one more great sushi place. Review should follow next week.
  • The amount of time I spent making speeches in the past year just hit me. No wonder I haven’t written a word except here and in my journal.
  • The most popular entry on my FB page remains the photo of Gene Sullivan, one of the veterans in our writing group ,wearing his festive Marine Corps Christmas sweatshirt with snowflakes, reindeer, and bayonets.
  • The emotional miasma of lDecember/January continues. But I drag myself along.
  • I’m still mourning Susan Wasch and Willard McRae. Their legacies will endure, though.
  • Also still reading the Dave Robicheaux novels, but the formula is getting tiresome.
  • Moat of the stores I visit still don’t allow card “dipping.” Isn’t there a law?
  • Now that I’m aware, QR codes are everywhere.


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