A Hero

Biagio “Max” Corvo

The Max Corvo I knew was a feisty, intelligent man-of-all trades — journalist, politician, civic leader. He lived a long and successful life.

His son Bill gave a presentation Thursday night that cast Max in a different, very heroic light. Max arrived in the United States from Sicily at the age of nine. He enlisted in the military before the United States entered World War II and devised a plan to retake Italy from the Nazis and Fascists. By the end of the war, he had installed a vast network of Americans and Italians from the mountains near the Swiss border to Palermo.

Bill said that his father was proud of the honors he received from the United States and Italy. He most revered the praise of his former teacher, Ida Keigwin. After the war, Miss Keigwin wrote to him saying he did a great job — now go out and do more. And he did.

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