Road Trip


Blog went on brief hiatus because of a weekend in New York to celebrate my friend Lucey’s birthday. And a glorious weekend it was.

It started with an uneventful drive to O.S. where I found parking even though train passengers are relegated to the periphery of the lot. The center is designated for business patrons and was empty. Ashland provided a good Americano without attitude from the rude server I encountered on an earlier visit.

The train arrived on time with no seats in the quiet car. Most of the people in my car locked onto their screens, except for a woman behind me engaged in a brutally loud conversation about recycling/pollution. She was headed to Burlington and Waterbury, Vermont, after NYC. I wondered about the pollution effect of all that travel. Couldn’t she Skype or Facetime?

The only delays were a wait in the blazing sun for a cab and horrible downtown traffic to SoHo. The courteous driver dropped me right around the corner from the hotel. I felt sorry that he had to navigate through all that mess for the next fare.

It was 3:30, and I hadn’t eaten lunch, so after ditching my stuff I went to the hotel restaurant for a salad. A text to Lucey revealed that she and her family and friends were on the patio, so I joined them. We laughed and ate and drank, briefly.

Despite warnings about the awful nature of the “fitness” room, I decided to work out there instead of breathing the fumes of a thousand trucks, buses, and cars outside.

The space lived down to its preview. For a hotel that charges $798-898/night (not what we paid), its exercise facilities are pathetic. It’s the puniest, least well appointed workout space on three continents. I used the treadmill. It had no accurate distance measure and disconnected itself when I bumped a little button. The elliptical, bikes, etc. looked just as shabby. After an interminable workout, it was time to prepare for Lucey’s birthday.

To be continued…

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