Sushi Friday


Hachi 320 Main Street Middletown, CT 06457 860-346-0727

Middletown has added yet another Japanese restaurant to its main drag. This one also offers a modest number of Thai options, though not enough to qualify as “Asian fusion.”

What I like:  It’s convenient to the library, shopping, city hall, and so forth. The ambience is relaxing. The music (from Sirius XM?) came from the likes of Cantoma and Christopher Goze, along with a couple of women singing in French. Is there a TV? Not to notice. Even when it’s crowded there’s no sense of rush or anxiety. It serves the most intense miso soup I’ve ever tasted. The sashimi has that crunchy-fresh feel and taste. Besides the usual salmon, tuna, and escolar, the sashimi set includes yellowtail, snapper, mackerel, with dustings of scallion/wasabi sauce and, tobiko. The presentation does a star turn – a bamboo screen supports the fish with a frame of green shoots. I had enough wasabi to keep my sinuses clear for a month — yes, that’s a good thing. On the non-Japanese side, the pad Thai has become a favorite. It has a good balance of hot and sweet and spicy with noodles balancing the bean sprouts, egg, and tofu.

What I don’t like: There is no convenient free parking. The service can be over solicitous – two people asking over and over if things are OK cuts into the relaxation. I don’t like waitresses who call me “honey” and “dear.” Huge pieces of ginger can overpower the fish.

Grade: A-

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